39 thoughts on “More Fires, More Problems

  1. It's like the bible says: you made the climate gods angry and now they get their revenge. The only way out is scarifying liberty on the altar of the climate gods and donate a lot of money to Greta.

  2. The planet has been way hotter in the past and was considered a time of plenty. What were they doing, driving fuel injected V8 donkeys?!

  3. Your name change is too close to the r/TIHI (Thanks I Hate It) subreddit. So now all I see on your name change is Thanks I Hate.

  4. All of these comments are making fun of this. This is a real problem so why don’t you all get off you phone for once and actually do something to help this. You live In this world to.

  5. "Wildfires are larger, more dangerous and costly than past fires."

    Forget the fact that this is very poor English, but this text is over a clip of a guy spraying a keyboard, and the next clip is a car on fire. How are these clips relevant? Bring back Jukin Video where everything was more light hearted. It's not surprising that you're losing subs….

  6. Just California mismanagement of inhabited areas. ENRON factor ! If CA modernized power grid they would have saved more electricity losses than solar and wind system at no extra costs

  7. The fires In THE west coast are because the money GO to solar power wind power put money to trimming trees and better wire

  8. Aw yeah, some russian guys Mercedes burning sure is due to the world changing. Goddamn moron. I'm reporting this stupid shit

  9. Way back before people started trying to manage EVERYTHING there used to be lots of small fires that would clear out all the small underbrush and dead wood on a regular basis so the fires rarely turned into huge infernos. Then people started putting out every tiny little flame they saw, so now there's more fuel for the fires, so the fires are getting more and more severe, and here's the kicker… they're trying to fix it by doing more of the same.

  10. More misinformation and stock footage to mislead a group of already wandering sheep. It's supposed to be in the low 20s tomorrow morning in Texas….. real hot…. figure it out. Dink.

  11. Wrong and stupid the trees would not burn if they where not so dry because of dumb shits like you who think cuting them down is a good idea freeing up room for the wind to blow freely threw the trees and picking up the fire to blow it across thousands of acres of trees that are dry because of the oil that generations before mine could have stoped but they rather have money then clean air and a place they can live that is beautiful the people that still think cuting shit up and pulling it out of the ground to burn it or use it to make stupid shit are the problem not people who want to preserve life there are better ways then to just cut down large amounts of what gives us air

  12. You know, most people see this kind of shit as terrifying but I see it as absolutely beautiful, destruction like this is just SO gorgeous

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