Netflix Just Added A Severely Underrated Matthew McConaughey Movie

30 thoughts on “Netflix Just Added A Severely Underrated Matthew McConaughey Movie

  1. a real hidden gem you should check out is bounty hunters (Michael dudikof film) and its sequel bounty hunters 2 hardball

  2. Lincoln Lawyer is a great movie! I'll probably binge this a few times! And seeing Marissa Tormei is always awesome!!! Love this movie!!!

  3. One of my favorite films to date… Does it actually get overlooked though? I know loads of people that have seen this and really rate it.

  4. Watched this in the cinema. It was amazing!!! It’s so gritty and gripping!!!! Watch it!!!!!!

  5. It was basically a meme because of the Lincoln commercials. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Not everything is an underrated gem

  6. Just realised that The movie is considered underrated. How???I Always thought the majority loved it 😅

  7. I didn't realize it was severely underrated. I just thought too many others were severely OVER rated.😐

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