Netflix Subscribers Are Loving This Terrifying New Horror Movie

26 thoughts on “Netflix Subscribers Are Loving This Terrifying New Horror Movie

  1. Seriously don’t get the hype for this, thought it was dire and a huge fan of horror outside my country

  2. I watch horror etc from wherever.. but it might have something to do with the fact that I'm European.. 🤔

  3. I will be checking this out, also fear street is another great horror trilogy it’s sitting at #7 right in front of this horror movie:)

  4. Just watched it's pretty sick and every time you hear the Silent Hill siren you know it's about to get twisted.

  5. Netflix is loosing hundreds of thousands of subscribers and here you are, like loyal dogs ready to make a positive video about them. But I'm sure its just a coincidence…

  6. The voiceover they used for the "filmmaker" in the movie was annoying AF. The story was ok, poor man's Midsommer was my first impression

  7. watched just an hour ago, small budget, few jump scares, good acting though, owesum cinematography, story twist at the end…………. well 5.5/10

  8. NETFLIX, HULU, Disney+, Amazon, HBOMAX, are changing the motion picture industry.
    I don’t think I’ll ever go back to
    High concession snacks & food , Sticky floors, people talking during the movie, cellphone pictures and half clean chairs.

  9. Not sure about this video, the movie was mediocre at best. Did you folks get paid for this content?

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