35 thoughts on “New Falcon And Winter Soldier News Comes In Hilarious Fashion

  1. "How dare you", Looper! "How dare you!" Nationalism is NOT "the unsavory side of patriotism". Nationalism means putting the interests & well being of one's own country above that of other countries. If that makes you cringe in horror, then maybe you, Looper, should re-evaluate just how much of a "patriot" you really are.

  2. It is Sad Disney decided to put Steve Rodgers, Captain America out to pasture in favor of Falcon as the next Captain America, and the Winter Soldier as his sidekick. What audience is Disney going after? The Black Panther audience? They may want to keep that audience and add to it younger loyal followers of the MCU.

  3. Walker seems more like a white supremacist.. Or at least it seems that Marvel could go that route; first having the government making him the new Captain America only to find out later that it was a huge mistake.

  4. See I'm a black man and the Watchmen went down that territory it has already lost me now I'm a big fan of the Winter Soldier but go down this territory with this b***** and you will lose me. MCU you already f*** up my Hulk go down this territory and you will lose me.

  5. if memory serves me correct it was the Winter soldier that took up the mantle that's all the richness was supposed to be then later falcon that's how it's supposed to go I don't know about all this other s***but there's so many different versions different comic so it is what it is

  6. The only Disney+ show I'm interested in but I hope the writing could keep up with Markus & McFeely's.

  7. 2:30 i think would be interesting and behoove the show/franchise to have CA's brief fling turn out to have a bastard child turn mutated hero with Cap's morphed and enhanced genetics or DNA passed on to a boy (not female as it seems storylines are using females as badass heros as of late which is less realistic nor captivating) with the boy learning of his abilities similar to how Clark Kent aka Superman did.

  8. 4:05 not ready for "black" Captain America? Imo i think a black one would be good for the health of recital equality and acceptance, on top of which much of America was founded in and built with the aid of black people in general. All just my thoughts.
    Some my fav characters are black: War Machine and Black Panther,

  9. Eli Bradley/ Patriot and is introduced in this show. Thus begins the start of "Young Avengers" MCU team up movies. Kate Bishop will be introduced in the Hawkeye show

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