32 thoughts on “New Head Turning Palpatine Star Wars Theory Is A Real Doozy

  1. It’s a Duesy….. is a phrase referring to the extreme expense of an item for sale….
    First made popular by the luxury car company Duesenberg which sold during the Great Depression for between $13000 and $25000
    A doctor of that time made around $3000 a year.

  2. Beyond ludicrous & stupid theory. Didn't even bother watching the whole video it's so dumb. How about something that's more simple and fits the movies better, Palpatine has clones.

  3. Oh god. This is the crap now being entertained because Disney flew the franchise into the side of a mountain…

  4. Hhmmm…….. uses the force to turn himself into the force… stands to reason he could USE THE FORCE TO CHANGE OUT OF THE FORCE……….

    problem solved. you're welcome.

  5. All this long detail on how he comes back, just to have him killed off again all in the same movie. Luke, Vader, Mace Windu, Yoda, etc. couldn't beat the Emperor. Some girl with very little training, who can lift rocks and run around a forest , defeats the Emperor. Makes perfect sense to me. /s

  6. The last movie unceremoniously killed so many of the plot points and characters we actually cared about. I don't see how this movie can be any good.

  7. Not what we thought happened, it happened. The emperor was killed by Vader. Just because writers lack the capacity to create good stories it does not mean we have to change what we know. So stupid

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