29 thoughts on “Newest Mandalorian Episode Features A Huge Mistake

  1. How far into a shot does a microphone have to be for you to take to Twitter to express your outrage? Fully? Half-way? A Third?

  2. 4 min and 4 sec on this? Come on Looper, you are better than that. Don’t waste your time one this. Keep the real good work.

  3. They had a big mistake in the First Episode. When Mando is turning in his bounties, before he sits down, the Imperial credits are already stacked on the table. After he sits they are gone, then in another shot the imperial credits are knocked over, then re-stacked.

  4. I missed the mic. I didn't miss the gaping plot hole, though. I mean, why didn't they use Razor Crest to out the AT-ST. Would seem pretty obvious…

  5. Should rename this video to:
    “This show is great, let’s try and change this because, you know…pointless shit matters”

  6. That wasn't a boom mic. That was Baby Yoda using the force to levatate his audible lightsaber that can capture the sounds of death for future use.

  7. Sorry I was so engrossed in human interaction between characters that I fail to notice that. Who the ƒµ¢k are these people always scrutinizing every second frame by frame and you guys went on to make a video about that.

  8. Honestly who really cares about this? It is still an amazing show. I get that people could be "upset" about this but honestly my thought on this fantastic show hasn't changed. It is still awesome.

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