42 thoughts on “No Shirt, No Problem | Harley Rider Smash

  1. It could have ended ugly… with the heavy v-rod bike burring some visitors on the sides… they are very very lucky

  2. What about my man barefoot in the white shirt not even stepping back as the motorcycle slides by at 0:19. 😂😂

  3. damn hoping he would slide on his back. he look so cool with his shirt off, he's a real man… oops now he looks like a damn fool. fortunately they are going dinosaur…. slowly.

  4. After crashing…still riding like a complete douche-nozzle in a crowded location. Well, he wanted to be seen ……he's been seen

  5. He scraped more skin off his hand that he has brain matter in his ugly head. Looks like he spent the past week in a tanning salon and now shows the world what a dork he really is.

  6. Dry road, clear day, still manages to lock front wheel up. With a helmet on his arm….still managed to hurt his…..arm. wow.
    Broom broom papapappurrrr

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