27 thoughts on “Peacemaker Episodes 1 Through 3 Explained

  1. JUST FINISHED THE FIRST THREE EPISODES….. FREAKING AMAZING AND HILARIOUS!!!! Cant wait for the rest of the series 😂😂😂😂

  2. I really wanted to like this show but I had some pretty huge doubts. HOLY SHIT was I worried for NOTHING! Amazing the difference in good story telling vs phoned in work. IMO Eagly had more character and emotion than the whole first season of Wheel of Time

  3. I can't be the only one who burst out laughing when Peacemaker sprayed perfume in that woman's face in the first episode 😂😂😂

  4. bad show . How did he survive ? Just contrived. He has no super powers he is just some guy like kick ass. Only was in prison!! Silly plot and waste of time . It will be short lived. No real network wanted this show.

  5. The intro is cringey and there tryin to hard to make a 50 somthing year old seem young its just weird

  6. I expected to really not care for this. Witcher and Boba have been dissappointing. And the first episode was eh. The jokes are lame sometimes.. but I gotta admit by episode 3 I was enjoying it a lot more.

  7. When they teased his survival in SS I wasn’t sure why they’d wanna keep a shKt character like him around. During that movie I kinda grew to like him but of course killing RickFlag and trying to kill Ratcatcher2 was just way to far to look past. She was a kid pretty much.

  8. In third episode, when Judomaster turn on his car the song is Choose Me by Band-maid. This song was also in the Netflix movie Kate.

  9. Buzzing popularity from peacemaker and how did the heartless Amanda Waller never tell anyone that she had a daughter.

  10. Did you say, "Bloodshot???" LOL Yes, we love to name villains after the way our eyes appear after excessive drinking upon viewing any DCEU four hour film.

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