29 thoughts on “Questionable Things We Ignore In Sons Of Anarchy

  1. How ironic, I just finished rewatching SOA literally and I was frustrated on how much of this show doesn't make sense lol..do you guys have cameras in my house ? 😆

  2. If you like SOA the spin-off (Mayans M.C.) is worth a watch imo, what do y'all think? 3 seasons out already + a 4th on the way.

  3. Idk if it’s here, but Zobelle kind of passionately kissing his daughter Polly was a little weird. He grabs her face and kisses her twice

  4. I live in a town close to a H/A clubhouse. This show didn't do anyone any favors in glorifying these pieces of shit. They are responsible for so many problems in Canada and I'd put every chapter president to death if I could. Sorry folks but S.O.A is full of shit, bikers aren't a bunch of "Robin Hood" type guys who wear neat coats. They are responsible for human trafficking and death on a level most people have no idea about. S.O.A has done a great job mythologizing a bunch of pedos and murderers into folk heroes.
    The only difference between a bikers motorcycle and a vacuum cleaner is the position of the fucking dirtbag.

  5. I believe when Jury said that John would've known his bike had been tampered with and that maybe he decided to take his own life was only half right. I think Clay tampered with the bike and John knew it but was already to the point of "screw it". He knew about it and decided that if this is how it is then they won't stop til I'm gone so he got on his bike knowing full well it had been messed with and went out on his own terms.

  6. Well considering SOA was Kurt Sutters version of Hamlet, nothing should be very shocking.
    And it’s an ESCORT service that matches championship, in the show it’s a legal operation that requires permits & pays taxes, what happens in the rooms behind closed doors is between two consenting adults (yes they are prosecutes & we all know that but that’s not what they “advised” as). And 3rd, they DO have a Legit business in the adult entertainment industry, it’s called Red Woody. Lyla helps run it, she becomes the new Luann Delaney basically since SOA was always a partner, they just didn’t know bc Otto lent her the start up costs from SOA before he went to prison. Bobby Elvis finds out in season 2. That’s why Luann started sleeping with him to keep him hush hush (btw there was the prison clause that kept Bobby safe from sleeping with a brothers old lady).

    What SHOULD be on the list is Otto went to jail for 6 years & was actually up for parole a couple of times but ended up on Death Row for shit he did for SAMCRO.

    I’ve watched SOA seasons 1-7 about 50 times each. I know EVERY piece of that show.

  7. 1) Opie didn't give his life for 'the club' he gave his life specifically to save Jax. He knew Jax was going to give himself up and Opie wasn't going to allow that. He and Jax were closer than brothers. 2) Juice was so desperate for a family he latched on to the club and his fear of losing it drove him to make bad decisions, but in the end, his last act was for the club's well-being. 3) JT knew the bike had been tampered with but he knew his death was coming and he was morally conflicted. 4) Gemma was the driving force behind 90% of the bad that happened; she had a hand her husband's death, she knew how to play Clay, Jax, and especially poor Wayne and even Juice. She was, as Juice said, the 'gate keeper" who knew every secret inside every lie.

  8. yea i was behind them mostly until season 6 they became straight assholes ..i mean i never expected things to turn out great but i didn't expect them to become straight villains themselves

  9. Yea made no sense, he killed himself so his enemy would win and raise his son in an illegal club he wanted straight?

  10. SOA isn’t perfect or critically acclaimed the “best” series ever but it’s my personal all time favourite. The brotherhood, grittiness,harsh and “realistic” darkness and overall character of the show is honestly incredible. You feel like you know these characters and when they die it gives you genuine emotion. I honestly just love this show, honestly just wish it went on longer 😅

  11. Hey, where can I find the music that you use as background for the videos? It's awesome! Specifically the one that starts at 10:00.

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