20 thoughts on “Reality TV cast members who got greedy, then got fired

  1. Tamra and Vicki should’ve been brought back, all the other duds he keeps aren’t doing it

  2. U guys 4got Nene, Nene deserved to be fired, her head got way to big. Reality and Hollywood kicked her a** 2the curb. GirlBye

  3. So two reality stars got "greedy" and one of them went on to get another show and make more money. So basically one reality star got fired.

  4. Thank you for all those commenting on the fact this vid is not worth watching. Saved me the trouble

  5. That was one of the shortest Loopers. None of the shows on MTV, VH1, Paramount Network? How could you miss Food Network's Bobby Flay?

  6. I just realized I thought two women were the same, I just…one of the Jonas wives and the wife of one of the Brody bros I think they're both gorgeous though lol

  7. None of the K family are ACTUALLY “A-listers.” Beautiful, talentless, rich, privileged, women. 🤦‍♀️

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