23 thoughts on “Rhino CHARGES and Attacks Car | Kruger National Park

  1. Easy, easy may work on a horse or mule, but Rhinos are a little different. You mess with the Rhino and you get the horn, and it's a big one. See Rhino vs wart hog video and see how they are when you start eating their food!

  2. Lions and rhinos are no match unfortunately for bees and wasps, they're too small and fast to hit and have deadly stingers. Plus they fly and live in numbers well over a thousand

  3. despite of the rhinoceroses' rocky like hard surface of their skins and long and strong horns. They are very scaredy animals. Once they have been spooked whether thats an object they will charge at it.

    so be careful when they are around. they are quite bossy.

  4. Boy, next time ride bike close to the Rhino and l find out like the warthog that went so close to test the power of the horn.

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