42 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live Stars Who Sadly Never Made It In Hollywood

  1. You need to do some better research. Garrett Morris has been in a lot of TV shows and movies since he was on SNL. You guys did not look too deep.

  2. This list is total garbage. The last 4 people were barely on the show.
    It is in season 45 and there were dozens of other cast members who never did movies or other TV shows. The percentage of people who went on to fame or success is pretty small

  3. You guys did a bad job with Garrett Morris. He had a reoccurring role on the popular sitcom Martin for years. And he was also on the Jamie Foxx Show in an reoccurring role as well for multiple seasons.

    How did you guys miss that?

  4. Phil Hartman is the greatest impressionist SNL has ever produced and it's not even close. Darrell is right there with Bill Hader though.

  5. Did it ever occur to y'all that, all the people that "make it" in hollyweird, oops I meant Hollywood, only made it because they decided to sell their soul by bending over 💩💩💩; because hollyweird, oops again I meant Hollywood, is run by people who are Satanists and Luciferians.

    They're also pedophiles, witches, sorcerers, occultists, murderers and all other manner of wickedness.

    So what's my point?. My point is, "making it" in hollyweird only serves as a first class ticket to the lake of fire.

  6. Like Joe Piscopo and Tim Kazurinsky from 1982-84, Gary Kroger has always deserved to be better-known than he is (unless there are a lot of things I don't know about).

  7. Cheri Oteri's lack of work was the one that always puzzled me.That woman is funny and not at all hard on the eyes. She could have easily been on equal footing of many of the rom-com stars. Jan Hooks was a doll. She also deserved better than she got. I loved her in Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Nora Dunn is doing douche or bleach commercials. She shouldn't complain.

  8. Garrett Morris: hmmm… lemme see…SNL, Martin, Jamie Foxx Show, 2 Broke Girls… but just a mention of the latter and not the 2 former ones in front of 2 Broke Girls? GTHOH…

  9. Garrett Morris was on Martin and the Jamie Foxx show two primetime sitcoms that did very well…I guess Looper just discounts certain shit huh

  10. Wait a second. Garrett Morris played “Stan” on Martin. Annnd played on the Jamie Fox show. He’s been doing more than a few cameos.

  11. Oteri was just TOOOOOOOOOO much most of the time. No subtlety whatsoever. Kattan was the same way. Both often drove me crazy.

  12. So yall gone act like Garrett Morris didn't play Stan on Martin and Uncle Junior on Jamie Fox show? Just a little bit more research please..

  13. Jan Hooks really was the bomb when she was on SNL. She was great when she was the main character or when she had more peripheral type roles. I really had a young crush on her. I was sad to hear of her passing.
    Piscopo on the other hand screwed himself with a bad divorce and roid rage. I remember he had an HBO comedy special that he used as a forum to tell the world about what a horrible bitch his exwife was.
    Cleghorne was awesome too.

  14. I am disappointed that Mary Gross was not mentioned in this video about the nearly forgotten talented cast members of "SNL." After all, I always wondered of what happened to her after so many years. I also wondered if she is related to Michael Gross of NBC's "Family Ties" as well.

  15. Garret Morris Had a Huuuge role/stint On the Jaimee Foxx show. & a recurring role on Martin. i’d say that was a Pretty Good career. + His role on two Broke Girls .

  16. Remember Melanie Hutsell? Apparently not. Kind of a weird face, one of the Delta Delta Delta girls. You know. Picks up ringing phone, "Delta Delta Delta, can I help ya help ya help ya?"

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