27 thoughts on “Sixty-Foot Waterslide Off of the Roof!

  1. SKINNY AMERICANS!! OMFG!! WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT!!! Or maybe they are Canadians… I like Canadians 😀 Not Americans though, I don't like them 🙁

  2. Because they think they are the best! the worlds police and they arn't!! They are the cause of most problems on earth! Fat fucking twats!! Without them the world would have peace.

  3. I kinda know where you're coming from… Except I am an American… I just think American's do they're all high and mighty, but I think we just need to be knocked down a peg or two… 'Cause I think America's gonna go down like the Holy Roman Empire. We're gonna eat ourselves from the inside out… Then America's gonna be history…

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