23 thoughts on “Small Details You Missed In The Black Widow Trailer

  1. Marvel is obviously making this film strictly for the money. What’s the point of making a movie of a dead character? The story doesn’t matter. I know the story takes time in the past but still the story doesn’t matter. With all that being said I’m still watching the movie lol

  2. I would rather have it be taskmaster just mimicking Hawkeye like he does to others in the comics but I’m most looking forward to red guardian

  3. Take my money Marvel! Any movie with Natasha and Yelana in it together and I will see it and even buy the Action Figures!

  4. 2:48 Taskmaster uses a bow in the comics dumbass!

    You're always titling you're videos "Things only true fans noticed"
    And you're not even true fans! You've never even read a Comicbook in you're entire life!

  5. Taskmaster is a non-binary gender fluid they/them, who’s actually a man who tucks his junk with untreated mental illness named Kaitlyn. Shim’s catch phrase is “It’s Ma’am!”

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