41 thoughts on “Small Details You Missed In The Black Widow Trailer

  1. Well, what really happen is….Harper did end up going thru the upside down and ended up in Russia, that’s where the Russian then brainwashed him into becoming the red guardian.

  2. "one that might not be immediately familiar to American eyes" nice dig at how uncultured and bad their education system is, love it

  3. Black Widow is supposed to be without a "family" until the Avengers so this movie is going to completely change & ruin her backstory we've all come to love about the character. Awesome! So amazing!

  4. how about this. task master is actually hawk eye.
    because as they say"task master can mirror fighting style him once saw " and yet hawk eye himself is no where to be found in the trailer.
    also when hawk eye says"we remember Budapest very differently". that just sounds like they stand on the opposite side of the field.
    plus, if he is task master, that would be a great explanation for how he become a cold blooded blade user in end game.
    just saying. cause i m obviously not a comic guy lol

  5. At :15, when looking at numerous ID's, there is a sheet of paper with the stamp from Israel. Maybe she is connected to the Israeli Mossad…

  6. Saw that scene at the end with Hopper so I had to check it out…This was a very heartbreaking scene from Stranger Things season 3.

  7. Here is the leak. Jim Hooper is imprisoned in Russia after what happened in Hawkins, and he gets fat and trained to be an "assassin" in red tights and he gets to train young girls like Eleven. So, Black Widow is kind of Eleven… oh… Natasha used to have superpower!

  8. I didn't miss anything. I'm simply not interested. The character is boring and I don't feel motivated to see a spin off about it.

  9. I hope Marvel won’t be Mélina, because she is Iron Maiden. I wanna see Tony masters be himself the real taskmaster

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