46 thoughts on “Star Wars Actors You Didn't Know Passed Away

  1. Those were actors and hollywood stars!All of them died in 60s,70s,80s and even 90s years of their lives,but one of them,who died to early is Carrie Fisher,to young to die as a still in 60s,but in our hearths, 19-year-old Princess Leia!

  2. The loss of so many legendary actors is sad to think about…

    but for me, the loss of Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca was the most heartbreaking, since it was well known that his was also known for his incredible kindness.

    I never considered the CGI recreation of Tarkin remotely Uncanny at all.

    In fact, when I was in the theatre, and they showed Tarkin, I literally uttered out loud in absolute shock "HOLY FUCK!" when I saw the face of the late legend Peter Cushing on the screen.

  3. I met and got my photo taken with Kenny Baker in Belfast in 2010. He was a true gentleman, I also got to talk to him about star wars and time bandits.

  4. I'd always thought that Jeremy Bullock, the actor who was in the Boba Fett armor had provided the voice of the character in addition to actually being in the scenes

    Never would've guessed that the same guy who was the voice for Admiral Ackbar was also Boba Fett's voice

  5. It was very interesting to do research on Chris topher on his heroic acts during World War II as well in the British arm forces

  6. I imagine the Anakin ghost was replaced so Hayden Christensen can return for the sequel trilogy, or why bother doing it. Of course technology existed today to bring back Sebastian Shaw

  7. Alec Guineas also said despite being “rubbish” he couldn’t stop turning the page. Memorably he got 1% of the film profits making him the most money he ever made – not bad for a guy who helped tweak the screen as they went

  8. Sir Alec Guiness did not take the role as Obi-wan for a massive salary – he took a percentage of the movies gross takings at the box office.

  9. Peter cushing: dies
    Disney: let's bring him to life with uncanny valley cg that's almost as scary as what we did Luke in T.L.J

  10. Was Carrie Fisher omitted because everyone knew she passed away?

    Either way… MAJOR oversight for one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the entire franchise

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