38 thoughts on “Superhero Movie Moments That Went Too Far

  1. You guys forgot about kickass and the scene with Nicholas Cage’s death, you could include multiple scenes in that movie

  2. Number 1: "You're late, I'm not paying for those."

    This is the time when things have went too far by rejecting Pizza Time in front of Peter Parker.

  3. Not a movie but Blaine in I zombie kidnapping and killing homeless kids for their brains to feed the zombie community

  4. Honestly I think superhero movies should push the boundaries so they can feel free to dig deeper into the comics

  5. Im 1:42 seconds into this video, and I think Looper has gone too far. These scenes we're what made the movie exciting and enticing. Please don't try to interlope ideals that will water down Marvel and DC Movies that we know and love and are successful.

  6. Make every great Marvel Movie Rated G. Im So Disappointed In You Looper. No Subscription for you at this point. Get it back together please.

  7. Not on the list, but Alex Pierce (Robert Redford) coldly shooting his housekeeper who came in at the wrong time during a meeting in Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have been added.
    The Seven Deadly Sins are only meant to influence mortals, not physically consume them.

  8. Went too far? Only sensitive humans will think like that. The scenes were necessary to tell the story.


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