4 thoughts on “Swiftest Hands We've Ever Seen | This Happened

  1. Ok first, why don’t you just go back to best of the week and stick with that? There’s already tons of compilation channels so you kind of lost what made you special when you changed the format. People liked that the channel featured NEW content. Not stuff that can be found anywhere and put in a compilation. Second, don’t re-use videos from a compilation you literally posted yesterday! Come on, seriously? That’s just LAZY editing. And the cookie video doesn’t even qualify for this video! That’s not fast hands! The video is sped up… it’s actually some of the slowest and most precise hands out there. So it REALLY doesn’t fit. Ya know what this reminds me of? When NOWTHIS tried to take over sourcefed and make NOWTHIS NERD. It didn’t work! You can’t build a fan base with a particular type of content and then re-name and put your own content and expect people to just roll with it. This shit never works. Just follow what NOWTHIS did and put the channel back to Jukin media, then fuck off and make your own channel called this is happening. If people like it, it’ll grow, if they don’t it’ll fail. But you can’t buy a channel and expect people to like different content when it starts showing up in their sub box.

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