40 thoughts on “Terrible TV Shows That Should Never Be Rebooted

  1. I thought I was the only person that saw Turbo Teen. Any time I tried to explain the cartoon people looked at me crazy lol. It was bad. He didn’t really do anything a regular sports car could do besides talk.

  2. That was BS on what they said about ALF. The main reason why the family didn't call the authorities on AFL as it is usually the policy to arrest in detain anyone who comes in contact with an alien from outer space. Look it up, it's a real law. ALF has also shown up in many popular TV shows as well like Mr, Robot, and so on. There is still a large number of fans that still would like an ALF reboot.

  3. Turbo teen! Oh boy! Yeah I remember that one! It was bizzare alright! Never should this be remade! Never ever!

  4. Nick Kroll is fantastic (everybody should go watch big mouth), but that caveman stuff was pretty terrible heh.

  5. Wow, were any of you even alive when Manimal ran on NBC?! It was good scifi for the time when all 8 episodes ran in 1983. Some research would've helped by any of you. And RIP Simon MacCorkindale. Not cool trashing his name

  6. I quite liked Manimal the concept was OK but it was severely limited with its special effects he only ever changed into a couple of animals it could be done much better now,and why make a point of his race.

  7. There's Melissa & Joey. It's similar to Who's The Boss, as in it has a female government worker and a male nanny. They fall in love…

  8. The worst video I have seen from this channel. If you continue to leave the channel in woke hands, you will lose audience. We seek facts, not political opinions

  9. There's probably a lot of TV shows I grew up with that I wouldn't want to see rebooted. For instance, Gilligan's Island.

  10. i get it the orginals are bad but some of them with better script and better budget for a reboot should work well now.

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