29 thoughts on “The Best TV Shows Of The Last Decade

  1. Hannibal was incredibly underrated and Mads was great , if CBS does do that Silence of the Lambs show they should bring him back they’d have a fan base already locked and loaded

  2. I don’t agree with most of the shows that were on this list they were mostly sitcoms which really annoys me. there were so many way better shows this decade than this.

  3. I really think that they intentionally left Breaking Bad(2008-2013) out for marketing purpose. So people will make comment about it, including this one.

  4. Game of Thrones is my personal peak, personally it has the greatest story until they didn't have any more material to inspire from. I would really pay great money to see a finale based on the future 2 books

  5. You just put Hannibal in the list? A nonsensical building of a narrative which foundations fell apart in the 3rd episode

  6. I actually liked Season 8 of Thrones; sure, it felt bittersweet. But the choice everyone made in who would inherit the rule over the kingdoms felt like a good one.

    I mean…of all the people, does Bran look like the manipulative or cruel type like Cersei was.

    I've started watching Stranger Things online back in 2018 and thus far, I've been liking what I've seen. I just hope a new season comes around soon.

    I am however, a tad disappointed that choices like Manifest, New Amsterdam, The Rookie or American Gods didn't make this list

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