The Cast Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies Today

50 thoughts on “The Cast Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies Today

  1. Yes the second April O'Neil when I was a child I used to watch all my children with my grandma and I recognized her immediately and was really nice to see the faces Behind The Masks behind the voices that they were familiar actors from other things I enjoy this entire video and I'm very glad that all the actors from the trilogy are doing very well right now I know times must have been hard for a lot of them in the past but I hope and pray that things continue to be fruitful exciting and just plain awesome for all of them their success is very essential for the real fans cuz that's the only way we can continue enjoying new projects that they are allowed to do cuz everytime their success continues to grow for the true fans it's a blessing for us as well to get the sea those who played character that we loved go off to play other characters that we will learn to love that may be brand new or character that we never heard of💙😇😇

  2. My god.. time sure flies by so much.. wish there was reunion for all of them.. also whatever happened to the actor that played Shredder and Tatsu..??

  3. Y'all totally left out Ernie Reyes Jr. and all his contributions. He was the suit actor for Donatello and played Keno in the second movie! That would've been a great and noteworthy addition to this video!

  4. First movie was amazing, sadly the producers wanted to go too childish and ruined the sequels. Imagine what could have been if they've kept the first movies director and the crew through the trilogy.

  5. Wait a minute was that Steve Urkel with The Scooby Gang? When did that happen and where can I find it? I know I'm not the only one who saw that right?

  6. We accidentally called the movie TMNT 3 "Turtles in Time" – that was the SNES game actually. That game was GREAT!

  7. Amazing I love the original teenage mutant ninja turtles movies except the third one. Fantastic job looper

  8. Parents spending all his acting money… Sailor Mars in the live action version of Sailor Moon said it with some truth…. Parents are selfish like that.

  9. My Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie and TV Show is the OG 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie and 2012 Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Series and I love that new catchphrase, "Booyakasha" and I really love the 2012 Series. I can't wait for the New Movie Reboot to come out and I hope Paramount kicks Michael Bay out of Production before the movie release and I want the movie to take inspiration from the Nickelodeon 2012 Series and they should make the Turtles look actually like High Schoolers in the new movie. I really wish that Viacom makes a Blu-Ray release of the 2012 TMNT Show so it's fully HD.

  10. Seeing that movie poster for Secret Of The Ooze still gives me chills. That shit was a lot for the mind of a seven year old.

  11. Robbie Rist went through "ex-child star" hell. But he pulled himself through. He has so much to be proud of. Hes also a great musician.

  12. a few I remember, Brian Tochi was in police academy,, Paige Turco was in American Gothic, Robbie Rist Dinosaurs,

  13. When it comes to Kevin .. he shouldn't have had to resign .. we live in a world where you're guilty until proven innocent. I mean, I'm not taking a position on anyone's guilt or innocence, all I'm saying is just an accusation is enough to ruin your whole professional career even if it's not true. There have been VERY few times where the employer has said: "Until you can prove something .." before acting on it.

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