39 thoughts on “The Ending Of El Camino Explained

  1. It was pretty good. Loved all the awesome flashbacks. Reminiscing about what was, and what could’ve been. Glad to finally find out what happened to Jesse. Glad he finally got some peace. Next they need to do a movie about Marie, and let us see if her kleptomania got worse after Hanks death! I need to know this!!!!!!🤣

  2. How exactly did Jesse know where Todd lived? They clearly showed when Todd was driving Jesses was forced to either kneel inside the passenger seat or lay in the back with the body – so how exactly did he know how to find Todds house?

  3. Average Breaking Bad episode at best, good to see the characters again and nice to see Jesse get a relatively happy ending, but it's not a good film and it fails to exceed the original series which Better Call Saul arguably did. This is what happens when an actor cannot get any work after an iconic performance in a hugely successful show makes and ruins his career at the same time.

  4. This is way you should stay in school kids or you will join Looper and explain ending that are literally nothing to explain

  5. How free is jesse tho? He was a huge news story. Wont atleast one person in alaska notice him? Just like when walt was in alaska

  6. I wonder if they can make anything else with Jesse. Maybe he's found and running from the law again, or, being hunted by a cartel. Could be whittling wood in Bob Ross esque episodes. Maybe even building a log cabin in an Alaska based show on Discovery Channel. There must be a Gustavo based show coming though. I hope at least. I mean, the possibilities really are endless. Could make a Salamanca spinoff, too!

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