46 thoughts on “The Ending Of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation Part 2

  1. STOP MAKING DESPERATE VIDEOS. YOU’ve had the same formula since you started. It’s embarrassing! It’s cringe. And it’s not making anymore money. You’re a dinosaur now.

  2. Looper you're great, I noticed the lack of negativity, but also the lack of positivity. This iteration of He'Man sucked.

  3. You can just imagine all the tubby little bearded, bespectacled woke incels beating their meat to this. Mmmmm strong Waaamaaan dominate me mmmmm yes spank me mommy muscles mmmm yezzzzzz.

  4. Kevin brings anger to other Kevin's due to the fact his name is Kevin and their names are Kevin… As a Kevin, I agree…

  5. good job. im glad i dont have to watch part 2 now. i wasnt looking forward to it after part 1. i like he-man but have no intrest in supporting smith.

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