20 thoughts on “The Ending Of Obi-Wan Kenobi Explained

  1. So far Obi-wan has left Darth Vader alive twice…..and the second time he knew he was a major force of evil. WTF.

  2. First off, Vader has shown in this series how powerful his force really is, why not just use it to kill Kenobi without the stupid saber battle. Also, after Vader seemingly crushes Kenobi with huge boulders he proceeds to walk back to his ship. Kenobi then blasts the huge rocks off of him and was able to sneak up to Vader with a surprise swinging saber. How did Vader not hear the huge explosion of rocks behind him? These Star Wars series are just not doing the franchise any justice.f

  3. How is Reva even alive after episode 5???

    And please don't give me that… "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural" speech.

  4. ObiWan? Its more like Obi WONT. Wont defend Luke, wont destroy Vader and Wont end Reva. With this show there is no need for episodes IV,V,VI if Obi Wan had done what he needed to do because Vader got WHUPPED! Oh but why? Oh, Leia needs to be watched over and Obi gets inspired to defend her. Oh, Luke's in trouble? Better go save him, just as an afterthought.

  5. In a strange way, Anakin did a final good deed for Obi-Wan: by taking responsibility for killing what was good in Anakin, he sets Kenobi free from guilt.

  6. The scenes with Vader were so amazing that it makes me disappointed of what could’ve been. We could have had an all out warfare between Vader and Obi Wan but instead we get bs side characters like some random youngling who is mad at Vader. I was expecting much more of Vader with how involved Hayden was with the marketing. Maybe next season

  7. It sets up nothing, bait and switch. Should be called the Reva show. The only character I personally liked was young Leia, she was a good side to Kenobi's grumpy old dude attitude. Yes the lightsaber duel at the end was good, but it's a rip off of the duel from Rebels (better show)

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