27 thoughts on “The Ending Of The Mandalorian Chapter 4 Explained

  1. Sad I can’t Watch the show i’m not allowed to get Disney+ contact me if there’s another way to Watch the Mandalorian without Disney+

  2. Felt very 90's Hercules tbh. I know they were doing a classic western troupe with this episode and I like that but the acting from side characters was pretty bad and the episode felt rushed. Still a great show but a lot of problems could be solved with longer episodes.

  3. Mando!!!! Good times and Cara is awesome just waiting around for more of her (I know from the trailer she has to be in at least one more ep!)

  4. Mando can't leave "Baby Yoda" because he knows what it's like to be abandoned as a child. He is trying to heal his inner child by re-parenting himself through "Baby Yoda"

  5. The show is great but this episode had to be the worst yet the thing that really got under my skin is the way the were treating baby yoda like he's some kind of puppy I get he's adorable but he's no puppy

  6. Foundlings grow into Mandalorians. It's more a culture than a race, so the main character of The Mandalorian… IS a Mandalorian…

  7. This needs expanding. Why would a limited run series with less episodes than a BBC sitcom go to a filler episode already? This trope of the hero or antihero coming to the rescue of a group of passafists or simply out manned/gunned community has been done to death. KungFu? Firefly? A Team? The Orville Legend of the Seeker? Every Trek series. Ever. This show has so much to explore her we get an episode that doesn't further the plight at all. Still love the show.

  8. I like this show so much more then the actual movie because he isn’t a such pacifist.

    It also helps that he’s my favorite the edgy kind of character that I always love

  9. I would like to get some explanation:

    1.) Why does a guy, fitted with modern weapons, say "an AT-ST can't be defeated", when just a few years earlier in the timeline exactly that was achieved with some logs, timber and a bunch of fluffy teddy bears

    2.) 'Baby Yoda' spent 50 years lying in a cot, and then learns how to walk in a man's pace, chew and drink from bowls in a matter of just a few days

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