20 thoughts on “The Ending Of Titans Season 2 Explained

  1. Trash???????? Ruined Deathstroke,Ruined Trigon and Raven Arc,Beastboy is straight trash barely could transform into 2 animals and Jason became such a whiny emotional bitch for Rose.

  2. I enjoyed season 2. I hope, we don't get a love triangle in season 3. Dick and Kory need to happen. I'm so looking forward to Blackfire next season.

  3. Death stoke should have gotten blown up or sum cause of his regeneration abilities and Jesus Christ dona Troy death was such a retcon dis service super boy should have killed her at least I love the show and I get its low budget but let’s make a lil sense here

  4. Dick doesn’t even love Dawn, even with the lack of Dick and Kory development this season, it’s still obvious that he prefers Kory to Dawn

  5. The actors and the property itself deserves a better budget and better stories than what they are getting. I’ve been scratching my head for two seasons as to why this show in this form even exists. It’s like the show is written by 12 year olds. The New Teens Titans was one of the greatest titles DC had and this is the best Warners can do? Sadly, I won’t be wasting my time with season three.

  6. The ending of season 2 explained: BAD WRITING and plot holes so big you can fly a jet through it… A very visible jet to be exact! Signed up for the service after season 1 and totally enjoyed it, this seasons writing made it was so close to being a CW show I expected a FLASH cry by or melodrama so thick soap opera music would spontaneously start playing! Needless to say I cancelled DC universe only to return for Doom Patrol season 2. Maybe?

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