26 thoughts on “The Entire Boba Fett Story Finally Explained

  1. Hopefully he's still alive would be really interesting would have loved to have seen more of Boba Fett i recon he could easily have brought much more to the star wars saga even if he had got his own spinoff it would definitely have been a major hit. BRING BACK BOBA FETT

  2. Boba Fett and Din Djarin when they meet:

    Din: "You're no Mandalorian"
    Boba: "And you're no bounty hunter"

  3. I may have a hatred for star wars but boba fett is cool as hell i liked his appearance in epic rap battles of history it was kinda funny

  4. Appeared halfway through Empire disappeared 20 minutes into Jedi – amazing how he became such a cult figure.

  5. Ah yes boba fett the most dangerous bounty hunter in the galaxy who practically does nothing in the films he is in.

  6. I think that if you were to make a movie titled Fett that starts weeks before the kenobi encounter and ends in the early empire era it would be awesome but also at the end there could be a post credit seen where it zooms in on the sarlac pit and all of a sudden a hand shoots out.this obviously wouldnt work with the boba in mandalorian s2 but it could lead to a season 3 cameo

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