48 thoughts on “The Entire Rocky Storyline Explained

  1. Ummm I don’t think anyone in the history of ever was like damn I really liked those Rocky movies I just wish the plot weren’t so complicated

  2. What a legendary franchise. Is there one more iconic? Not to me. So Adonis next movie will be Clubber's son? Why not.

  3. Rocky is so unrealistic tbh. Now that I've gotten into mma and boxing for a couple years now, it's impossible to watch a movie with fight scenes. They're Always so off

  4. Fun fact : Stallone and crew didn’t actually go to Russian ..it was Wyoming training mountains and the fight was in British Colombia

  5. Does it really need to be explained? lol..I guess the the only thing that probably would have needed explanation is 5 to Balboa, specifically the brain tumor. But Stallone had said himself that advances in medicine tech revealed it was a false positive or whatever, that's why it's not really addressed in Balboa.

  6. would have the fight STILL gone on if Rocky's trainer in real life had a heart attack? that kinda thing would mess anyone up

  7. It's an interracial love story about 2 men who meet due to their shared love of the same sport but due to the moral standards of the time they hide their love through aggressive denial. And beat each other in the ring….

  8. You left out the whole love story and the aggressive denial plot, seriously didn't you pick up on that? Rocky never threw in the towel because of his love for Apollo. You know love makes us do crazy things…. It's also why Apollo helped Rocky train for the rematch against Clubber Land, Apollo was scared if he didn't Rocky would fall in love with Clubber. Really has none of you picked up on this?!?!?!?!

  9. Damn Looper must be getting desperate for videos in this time of lock down and quarantine. The Rocky franchise didn't really need explaining and you didn't shed any light on any new details

  10. In the beginning….. Rocky was an enforcer for the mob – and was known for taking falls……… he was supposed to be a tomato can…

  11. Last night I dreamt that Stallone had to do 50 lap dances per day to get the body he had and to be able to afford the move to The states from Italy, Wtf!

  12. Honestly, I don’t even remember any other Rocky Movies after the Russian one. Not counting the Creed ones of course.

  13. I absolutely love the Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone he is a extraordinary character in Rocky.
    My all time favourite Rocky movie is Rocky lV.

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