17 thoughts on “The Ewok Adventures Finally Explained

  1. As bad as those two made for TV Ewok movies were, they weren't any worse than The Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker…
    Because it is a simple fact that those damned films are actual abominations… and they go against everything that Star Wars used to be about. The only reason for it even ever having happened is because of one delusional hack (Kathleen Kennedy) having been put in charge of the entire franchise…
    Even I instinctively am disgusted & utterly hate those films and the horrible travesty that is the permanent damage that idiot woman has forever done to what was once the most profitable franchise ever created; & I am a lifelong liberal Democrat, so I don't think that the BS excuse of "only the right wing bigots would hate those two movies", really has any validity whatsoever.

  2. The Ewok movies are the only ones in the Stars Wars franchise I've watched all the way through. The regular movies are too boring to me because they're sci-fi lol!

  3. I’ve never even seen these Ewok movies and I already know for a fact that their are more like Star Wars than the entire Disney trilogy!

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