24 thoughts on “The History Of The One Ring From Lord Of The Rings Explained

  1. Love the books, love the movies – but I never liked the adaptation of the Eye perched on top of a tower like that. They reduced the Eye of Sauron to a beacon on a lighthouse.

  2. Too bad this wasn’t Star Wars. In Mt. Doom Gollum definitely would’ve defeated everybody with the high ground.

  3. I thought four more golden rings was made and they each had other powers but was destroyed but that one.(Until lGollum fell).

  4. This movie was meant to be watched at the theaters, not home. The soundtrack alone is better than the whole of GoT.

  5. Thank you for showing the ring properly,the tails of the characters should point down. After 16years of making the ring for a once famous gallery, I actually had dreams about that thing. I figure I made about 5000 of them in brass. So they where magic , they'd turn your finger green in three days.

  6. I've always been impressed by Elrond's brother, Elros.
    They had a choice to be more elf or man.
    Elrond chose immortality with the Elves – their mother's people.
    But Elros, who could've done the same, chose mortality with Men – their father's people.
    And sure, Elros and the Numenorians were given extended lifespans, but they were still mortal, meaning they could presumably die from illness and definitely from old age – besides being killed.
    Whereas elves only die from being killed or 'losing the will to live,' is the best way I understand it.
    I've read the main books and the Silmarillion, and from what I can tell, they say elves go to some kind of hall in the land of the gods, but they never specify what happens to Men when they die.
    For me, that mystery is something I'd say would be interesting to find out – maybe even enough to choose mortality with the race of Men over immortality with the race of Elves.

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