28 thoughts on “The Hype Is Real After Pattinson's Batman Suit Reveal

  1. I seriously hope this movie is the movie that ENDS comic book movies for good!
    i hope it is such a flop that they stop all productions of current stuff and all future projects cancelled!
    to anyone thinking this is going to be a good movie be ready for some serious disappointment because that kid can't act to save his life!

  2. Yeah I mean, it's cool… But you can't see THAT much yet. I don't really get all the really really strong opinions on it lol. But I do think that Robat Battinbat is gonna do great as the character, super looking forward to the actual movie

  3. I think the cowl looks nice and sleek. Very much how I wish Batman cowls would look for some time now.

    But I'm not a fan of the collar idea AT ALL.

    I'm just so used to Batman just having the simple cowl connect to the cape and just drape straight over the shoulders. Batman with a collar popping up just doesn't feel like Batman to me.

    It feels like some weird elsewords version of Batman.

    And as someone who has watched WB fumble with the Batman franchise for quite a while now I think it was a terrible idea to take a risk like that with the Batman costume.

    It just looks stupid.

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