29 thoughts on “The Intriguing Time-Travel Easter Egg You Missed In Endgame

  1. Why would Thor take Mjolnir to 2023? Did he know Thanos was about to arrive? What if Thanos doesn't do the time travel to 2023? Hulk snaps his fingers, then returning the stones, so what's the point bringing Mjolnir to 2023? (before they know Thanos arrives)

  2. And hence the name Looper…how do we End this Game of endless Avengers videos?…I'm loopy watching these videos that never end!

  3. Or they put it in, just in case they need to bring back old characters if the franchise starts to lose money…

  4. Nope ive seen this already, im pretty sure it was New Rockstars or Emergency Awesome but this has been covered. Gotta keep up.

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