24 thoughts on “The Latest Study On Marvel And DC Movies Is Very Telling

  1. DC could have had a successful movies like the MCU but they rushed their stories and messed it up. The Dark Knight Trilogy could have started up a new universe (as like Iron Man), brought in Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman and finished with a proper cross overfilm like Justice League.

  2. For the generational “prefer to stream at home,” I’m not that shocked that Gen X would prefer to stay at home. Many of them have teens-young children by now, while millennials are either not having kids yet, or just not at all. And boomers makes sense too, since they’re older and their kids are pretty much either moved out or will soon, with the oldest retired and probably not wanting to go out much.

  3. It's because Disney knows how to sell their characters to the biggest audience possible.

    DC completely stumbled out of the gate by signing Zack Snyder to lead their universe. They have since rebounded with Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam and Joker.

    I'm excited about DC films again.

  4. It's because everything DC has done since the Dark Knight trilogy, aside from Joker, has been complete garbage. If DC took their own properties seriously and made good movies people would go see them more in theatres.

  5. I don't know why people think that you must choose a side between DC and Marvel or Star Wars and Star Trek. I love all of them, and I think having different franchises with different philosophy is good for everyone. It would be boring if they all adhere to the same philosophy or style.

  6. Watching superhero (or other types of) movies at a theater is much preferable. If one likes it, odds are, he/she will buy the DVD/Blu-Ray and STILL catch it on cable or via streaming.

  7. Gen Xers more likely than Millies or Zers to watch from home b/c they prefer giving $ to a bank to lose than appreciate art haha

  8. I m a marvel fan and i like the m c u but i would like to see d c make stand alone r rated movies. I d like a teen titans movie where they introduce the characters in one movie.(like the xmen).

  9. I generally don’t watch DC in the movie theatre any more as I don’t trust them to make a good film any more. I’ll watch the film, but only somewhere between free and 1/3 of cinema price.

    The worst Marvel film is still enjoyable so I’m happy to spend the money safe in the knowledge that I’ll enjoy the movie and the cinema will enhance the movie.

    Fox is even worse – I don’t know if I’ll even watch Dark Phoenix.

  10. That’s obvious though. Marvel generally make better movies.

    Plus marvel films r like big events with characters we t attached to.

    Joker, Wonder Woman and Shazam r great but those r the only amazing recent Dc films.

  11. Generation x are always working so they rather say home. Baby boomers have nothing else to do so they want to go out. Millennials, well what i want to say may hurt feelings.

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