35 thoughts on “The Most Successful Controversial Movies Of All Time

  1. I kinda chill after seeing Basic instinct in here..
    I just watched Netflix documentary movie called Don't F**k with Cats.. u guys should .. no not should.. you guys have to watch it.. believe me.. your time is worth it..

  2. George Lopez when nick at nite first aired it was met with criticism
    But somehow became the highest rated program on basic cable

  3. Amazing silly titles Arab American can be anyone who speaks Arabic there are Chinese who speak Arabic in Northern China. Hahahahahahahaha Catholic church same church who invests in Beretta, never said sorry for atrocities in Africa yet like homosexual and abuse of children.

  4. Who, in their right mind, would believe Leslie Jones as a scientist?? That was not racism or sexism, she got a huge gift!! Huge!

  5. Don't use the words, " of all time." It just makes you seem stupid, out6mof touch with any basic history. All-time goes back over 125 years. Did you ever hear of W.B. Giffith? for instance. He made a movie 100% more controversial than of the ones you have cited, IdanLupino, who did a movie, in the 1950's about abortion back in the 50s? This list is a joke. Make a little effort sometimes. Thanks.

  6. Silent Night, Deadly Night was protested by parents who didn't like the idea of Santa Claus being a killing. Made for about $1 Million, it grossed $1.5 its opening weekend.

  7. That’s something that ticked me off about Noah and Exodus both were directed by atheists and they didn’t follow the storyline to the letter. Just goes to show that Hollywood really doesn’t care about Christianity

  8. very disappointed in jim Caviezel for escape plan 2 saying he wants to kill somebody after playing jesus.
    lightening bolt anyone?

  9. Not surprised that the religious based films kicked up such a storm in America. They do seem to put too much belief in to story books.

  10. One thing I've learned. Just because a movies makes big bucks at the box office doesn't mean it's actually good. People will pay to see trash. Just look at all the transformers movies.

  11. Noah was an epic fail because you can see a dude wearing a welders mask. It's really weird for a movie based in ancient times.

  12. The DaVinci code was great! I enjoyed it and the books so much! So what if it’s not historically accurate, it’s a fiction story 🤷🏼‍♀️

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