30 thoughts on “The One Thing Colin Farrell's Penguin Couldn't Do In The Batman

  1. Asif Colin wasn't allowed to have an unlit cigar. You want accuracy.
    Fuck the world its gone to shit anyway.
    How would that change the kids of today? They learn enough from their half arsed parents (me included)

  2. In the sequel I’d want Penguin to look more comic Accurate, Wear a Top hat and Monocle and a Fur Leather Jacket

  3. You guys know that every character in this movie is literally year two right ? Meaning penguin doesn’t even like gettin called penguin in this film because it’s year two he has to evolve like Batman is into the character they are today!

  4. Warner already fucking comic accuracy for the sake of some self righteous wholeness where they’re not. Remember you guys only talk and think about money. The shit is the root of it all so why not let him have a
    Few smokes for crying out loud?

  5. When I heard that Colin Farrell was gonna play the Penguin I was like, "WTH?? He isn't right for that part!!" But after seeing how he looks with the Prosthetics, I am intrigued… it's a shame that they wouldn't let him smoke tho… this world has gone insane with this kind of BULLPOOPY.

  6. no cigarrette for the beguin NOT EVEN A STUBBY CIGAR. i wont be paying to see this movie. if racist disney can own the rights to fuck up comics movies, fuckem. they wont get my money.

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