The Real Reason Tom Cruise's Iron Man Wasn't In Doctor Strange 2

41 thoughts on “The Real Reason Tom Cruise's Iron Man Wasn't In Doctor Strange 2

  1. Tom cruise as ironman a 5 foot tall ironman. Every actor has to make them selfs look shorter in his movies

  2. He wasn’t in it because RDJ will be back for the Skrull Invasion, the real Tony didn’t die 😜

  3. or…and hear me out…it wasn’t needed, RDJ wrapped it up well with a bow and we didn’t need to hash it out again and watch him get murked by Wanda in 10sec

  4. If this had come true, we would never hear the end of it because Cruise has a big ego. While Tony Stark also has an equally big ego, some things shouldn't mix in case future plans fall through.

  5. Yea we really didn’t need another captain marvel in the MCU. What a let down that was

  6. I am so disappointed. That would have been the coolest stuff if he was in it as Tony. Im no longer in a rush to see the movie now. I feel so let down. DAMMIT!

  7. wtf please consider your subscribers who havent watched the movie yet by not spoiling everything in the titles! (yes that is still a spoiler to me!)

  8. I heard the story about Cruise being Iron Man decades ago.

    Except that he wasn't approached for the role. Cruise bought the film rights to "Iron Man" and cast himself as Stark and Iron Man.

    However, he didn't do it then for the same reason he can't do it now -availability. Cruise was doing film after film, and never got time to do "Iron Man" so the rights lapsed into the free market again,.

  9. Honestly, if Wanda was gonna nerf the Illuminati that quick, I’m happy Tom Cruise isn’t in the MCU… Yet!

  10. The real reason was because these damn fans hyped themselves up with rumors and believed it. They didn’t take the salt for what it was.

  11. People like Cruise, Dicaprio, Day Lewis, Steep etc are too big for Marvel and have their own brand to take care of.

  12. I know I would’ve loved to have seen it, all the moreso given that Tom Cruise expressed interest in the role of Tony Stark & Iron Man (as did Nicolas Cage) in the ‘90s.
    Who’s to say it won’t eventually happen in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe film set in the multiverse.
    Remember, Marvel got Sylvester Stallone to play a brief role as Starhawk in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Robert Redford did an even briefer cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

  13. i’m so glad he didn’t show up because it shows that leaks aren’t always accurate. and that’s good because I was getting tired of having entire MCU movies spoiled for me months in advance with leaks.

  14. Would have been nice to see Tom make a cameo as iron man along side the other members of the Illuminati. Would have been a fun little snippet.

  15. No one ever said tom cruise was even confirmed as iron man?? Wtf is this nonsense speculation, just give it a rest

  16. the real reason is disney aint putting up with cruise's bs religion telling them how its going to be filmed etc

  17. Guess that means he can make a Green Lantern/Top Gun type movie for Dc with John Stewart. I wanna see it so bad!

  18. He was never meant to be in the movie. Its a rumour that someone started and no one fact checked.

  19. i watch doctor strange because i thought there is a cameo of tom cruise. I'm very disappointed. and the Illuminati is easily defeated.

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