20 thoughts on “The Reason Travis Fimmel Left Vikings After Season 4

  1. This video is all about how foolish a channel can get in the name of content.
    Character dies so of course he will leave u asshole .

  2. I lost interest in the show the second he died. He was literally the face of the Series. I don’t understand why would they kill such an important character. Basically the only character in the show that made it worth watching.

  3. I have to say this. I am watching s2 atm, and I don't like his acting skill at all or the situation he is on to act, or whatever that made him to act that way.
    The way he grins is so awkward make it difficult for me to focus on the show.
    And he doesn't act like the vikings as we know, or as we imagine.
    It is great attempt to make a show about vikings but I cannot say it is near perfect. It is a good show though.
    I will continue to watch it.

  4. Seriously guys? He died the same way he died in real life. To lose interest in the show for getting at least one historical fact right is kinda stupid. Even for fiction it's in bad taste for characters to have death immunity.

  5. I've been binge watching this show during quarantine. Very good show but kind of upset when Ragnor died.

  6. He made the show honestly. It was still pretty decent after he left, but imo the only character that was as charismatic or central to the show was maybe loki. And the first king of wessex.

  7. Perhaps they killed him off because that’s how it happened in history ya realize this was an actual thing yeah ?

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