25 thoughts on “The Reason Travis Fimmel Left Vikings After Season 4

  1. THe blood eagle is just as mythical as Lothbrok was…Maybe they're real, maybe not…We don't know. The only accounts of both are from the sagas, which were written down few hundred years later.

  2. I absolutely hate these kind of videos

    The reason Travis Fimmel left Vikings after Season 4


  3. After fimmel Left I thought maybe Rollo could carry the show mixed with some floki..floki story has been a bummer and Ivar can't carry this show..

  4. Ragnar was originally supposed to go out in S01. Then they decided to explore him deeper, and they went on for four seasons. Fun fact, Fimmel actually agreed to be put in a snake pit and he was bit by those snakes. They weren’t venomous, but still.

  5. Killing Ragnar in the first season would have killed the show. Travis as Ragnar did a fantastic job showing a Viking was not just a warmongering Barbarian but intelligent and tactical.

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