26 thoughts on “The Truth About The Night King's Story

  1. truth is they fucked it up!!! his story was rushed and totally messed up cos it had to be finished so quickly and they just made it up as then went along! and they made it the biggest disappointment in tv history!

  2. The most powerful thing in GOT…. Didn't even make it out of Winterfell…

    Killed by a 4ft flying teenage girl…

    Finally gets to Winterfell, died same night…

  3. The Night King is show only and we've learned all they're ever gonna teach us. There's nothing new to his story ffs. Smh n lol😂😂😂

  4. How in hell could Aria get past all the night Kings guards so easily? You'd think after all these years the writers could come up with an explanation.

  5. The truth is he was a useless character. All the build up was for nothing. There isn't a single thing the Night King did the entire series that mattered.

  6. So….
    who is the night king?
    Why is he doing this?
    Why does he want to really kill bran?
    No answers smh looper ur better than this didn’t even bring up what we all want even if u don’t know either educated speculation would have been nice to hear

  7. The worst f**** ending to one of the best shows of all time the last four episodes were terrible but the way they ended it the last episode was literally oh my God the worst thing f**** ever hey girl has who has nothing to do with this plot line all the sudden is apart of it and she kills him no she should have been the one who kills Cersei

  8. Who care about origin of the night king when he just being killed in one night and one stab.

    Even thanos can be dead when some one stab him while his sleep or in suprise like gamora did, but it will be boring dead.

  9. After how the show ended… i just tell any friends that ask if it’s worth watching, to pretend that little finger is the main bad guy, and after his immensely satisfying death, everybody lived happily ever after. 👍👌

  10. The writers said they wanted to change it up that’s why Jon didn’t get that last fight….so sad how a great series ended like a wet fart…

  11. I didn’t hate the ending but it could’ve been so much better. Like having them retreat and having the Night King advance to Kings Landing.

  12. Worst ending ever of all time. The first 7 season was amazing. Season 8 feels like a DLC. Well done fucking HBO. This video is better then the season 8. 😁xD.

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