41 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Thor's 'I Knew It' Line In Endgame

  1. That scene in End Game would have been so much better had Cap done this and then taken the fight to Thanos, only to have Thanos actually kill Captain America. Then they should have had Hulk witness this and then absolutely rage, and this is also where Thor should have raged and transformed back into the badass God of Thunder Thor. The roller coaster of emotions would have been wild! Fuck yes! When Cap gets the hammer. Oh shit! When Cap dies. Fuck yes! When Hulk and Thor rage. OH SHIT when Thanos again starts to win! Fuck yes! When Captain Marvel comes to save the day and once again Oh shit! When Thanos starts to turn the tide, only for one more massive Fuck Yes when Tony gets the gauntlet and delivers the I AM IRONMAN line and snaps his fingers. But no. Because its Hollywood we needed a massive CGI love fest type battle with thousands of people involved . Typical.

  2. I don't see the Ultron explanation at all. That wasn't obvious or even really alluded to in that moment at the time. This explanation feels like so much retconing. If that were so then there should have been a smirk or look or other subtle sign from Cap in Ultron.

  3. When I was watching endgame and saw the hammer stop and I knew it was cap and said “I knew it” seconds later Thor said it too. It was an amazing moment.

  4. God dude these scenes still give me goosebumps. I’m f-ing obsessed with action/superhero shit like gimme gimme gimme it allllllll

  5. yeah cap's big moment.. but don't you think Thor could've get more good fight scenes with thanos.. i mean he's the best fighter.. and most powerful hero.. i wish the fight had been more dirtier.. thanos beats the shit out of the three but the three could've done the same to thanos since the are together fighting… All fights scenes where pretty lame.. looked like fair fighting… Iron Was not at his magnum fiight .. the Russos could've made him fight more he capable of that. Since it is his last film..apart from the snap iron man did nothing..

  6. Note to ignorant Marvel movie fans: Cap was always worthy of Mjolnir, just like Beta Ray Bill, Vision and Cyclops to name a few…

  7. real marvel fans did not like how everything came about when cap lifted mjolnir. well, i am only speaking for my group of 22 fanatic fans. the premise…the way the writers wrote these characters were soooo OFF it ticked everyone of us off. cap is strong, but he's NOT THAT STRONG. how many times can cap get hit to the head by thanos and his head don't explode?? how many times that cap can take a punch by thanos and gets up before ironman or thor? ironman easily dispatched when thanos used ironman as a shield from a streaking mjolnir. thor, who has fought for over a thousand years, learned everything about asgardian hand to hand combat. weapons. energy manipulation. etc…look like an idiot and was easily knocked out by ONE kick to his chest?? cap is a great fighter, but there's no way he should be able to survive the blows of thanos. i know it's comics, but there has to be some realism to the history and storytelling. kevin feige and his writers has made thor look like a fool and laughing stock. you call thor a "god" but he's more a terd or hobo.

  8. Holy poop my dudes….next you should make a video about how Thor in fact did look like melted ice cream, we haven't had enough of Endgame yet 🙄

  9. Fucking seriously, Looper? It's bad enough that you ran out of ideas and keep referring back to end game videos even though the movies been out for a long time, but now you're trying to extrapolate a self-explanatory quote into a 3-minute explanation

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