36 thoughts on “The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Mid-Credits Scene Explained

  1. If the universe was "reset", then why was Ray in present time?
    If they never get their powers, then Allison wouldn't have gone back to 60s and met Ray
    I think the universe was "modified" or "altered" rather than "reset"

    Hope Luther get Slaone back

  2. sloane is gone and not seen in the end is because (1) i think in order for reginald to bring luther back from the dead it has to cost a life thus reginald took sloane's life as a replacement for luther death or (2) it was because it was part of the deal and allison didn't want luther and sloane together out of spite

  3. i think they reset the characters from the original timeline that’s why sloan isn’t there. i do wonder who that lady was in that machine on the moon who was with reginald at the end… is she an alien too ?

  4. the last 'ninja' portion was unnecessary, half cooked and rushed.. the end of the world and fight the sparrow was good enough to develop a coherent story.. the last portion was rushed and non sense.. and a magic 'reset button'.. was too much of a 'Deus ex machina' crappy final.. even for this weird series..

  5. Not gonna lie I thought I’d hate the transition of vanya to victor cause I thought they would make her/his whole thing about being trans but they went with I’m like this deal with and went along with the story, i honestly forgot victor was trans not to long after the transition

  6. i feel like it’s pretty evident that the main villain of the next season will be Reginald , bro probably has sloane

  7. So i think slogans is gone or just a regular human being who doesn’t know them since she wasn’t the original academy. The reason the new ben stayed the same is bc he was genetically the same as the og ben. They said it themselves, he is the same person literally. So maybe the reset didn’t effect him for that reason. But the og og ben is back bc of the reset. There must be a reason ray is still here but i’m sure they’ll explain that next season so it’s not a plot hole, it’s a cliff hanger. You guys have to remember she made a deal with reggie who is selfish, all reggie wanted was to get back with his dead wife.

  8. So far season 3, the acting has declined, special effects are apparent, and the story feels amateur. It's a far cry from season 1 & 2. I'm not sure if I'll even finish the season.

  9. Here’s my theory, because the time got reset, the umbrella academy got sent back to the original time line where everything was normal. The reason they didn’t get their powers is because their “twins” aka their selves from that period exist and they have that power. So only one twin of each has the power. Also Ben returned and not Salone because Ben was part of the Umbrella academy but he returned with the “new” ben mind. In the credits, that Ben is the old Ben from that period aka he has the powers. Hence why he’s in Seoul and why he’s dressed that way. I believe s4 will be the umbrella academy meeting themselves and their parents <3 my opinion

  10. so if there is a doppelganger ben what about Allison? if she taking over some other Allison's life ?

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