46 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Baby Yoda

  1. Baby Yoda can be the savior of StarWars. Filoni should be Ceo of the StarWars division at disney. Fire Kathleen Kennedy, JJ. ABRAMS, and the rest of those involved with the shitty Prequels.

  2. its not FUCKING Yoda empire is dead vader dead there for Yoda has been dead for yrs??this show is after empires defeat??

  3. According to canon there has never been a single member of Yoda's race who was not force sensitive and that's why their home world is kept a secret.

  4. This is exactly what happens when Disney get hold of a franchise….i'm surprised they don't have 'When you wish upon a star' playing in the background

  5. Yoda went to camino in ep.2 but i think the jedis have been fooling around with clones because love is against the jedi code.

  6. ok..children can tap into the force but how does the new jedi ray know how to use it?? because shes a female right..lol

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