41 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of Baby Yoda

  1. I do not understand. In which movie or serie does he appear ? Because I thought he would appear in the last SW but he didn’t.

  2. O.K. why is Yoda (the name) being used to describe the species too?! It’s like saying Chewbacca is of the Chewbacca species/race… makes no sense. I get that Yoda is from a species “unknown” canonically speaking, which may explain the naming.

  3. Why is everyone calling a Random alien baby yoda??

    It’s not yoda!

    How do I know my mom my mom knows that’s not baby yoda it’s a Random alien that doesn’t have a name yet

  4. A great name for baby Yoda could be Yonder, Because he’s a rare species in a galaxy far far away tell me what you think btw (c) TM just in case

  5. This doesnt take place between the series. It takes place about 5 years after the return of the Jedi. Get your facts straight!

  6. Of course The Child isn't actually Yoda as a baby. For one thing, the child is 50 years old. as stated in the show. According to what I read, the Mandalorian takes place about 25 years after the events of the original films This means when Yoda died, The Child was already born. So that also takes out the whole reincarnation possibility.

    Also the Mandalorian takes place about 15 years before the 3 sequals, for a species that lives for centuries, I honestly can't see The child aging THAT much in 15 or so years. Maybe he learns to talk, gets a little better with his powers. But that might be about all.

  7. When I first saw Baby Yoda I screamed of Cuteness and whenever I hear the sound of baby Yoda I start screaming because of cuteness and I asked my two older brothers and my dad what happened to Baby Yoda and then they all said “I don’t know” I started whining and complaining cause my weakness is seeing something cute and then not finding out what happened

  8. The wierd thing is, ‘Baby Yoda’ is 50 years old, and Yoda trained Jedi for about 800 years. Now, this might not make sense, because at 50, he’s still a baby, and because Yoda lived for 900 years, and started training Jedi at about 100 years old, wouldn’t Yoda (being 100 years old) make him a child, considering his species’ growth rate?

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