23 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of The Hunger Games Franchise

  1. I think Rue's death scene is really the heart and soul that embodies this franchise

  2. GREAT Video!!! 🔥I love the way you put it together!! I think this is one of the best ones yet !! ❤ Looking forward to your next one! It's awesome!! Keep up the Good work!!!!!

  3. Ruined the whole first movie by changing the cornucopia and robbed us off the scene of Cato holding onto peeta dangling from the golden horn and katniss putting the arrow into his hand so Cato falls into the pack of dogs

  4. Also the anthem was never shown and was a major part of the books and we never got to see how Cato killed thresh

  5. I'm sorry, i love and respect the man, but the idea of John c Reilly as Haymitch is kinda funny to me. I can't not think of wreck it ralph or Dr. Steve Brule when hearing his voice.

  6. I watched a minute of the first hunger games movie and then I got bored( I’m not a big fan of the franchise

  7. I've read all the books but never watched the last movie. From what I hear I didn't miss much

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