27 thoughts on “Things Only Adults Notice In Space Jam 2

  1. You meant granny and speedy @7:47 tweety wasn't with her at the time he was in Sylvester mouth for a while

  2. Belongs in the trash right along with the live action dumb a$$ piece of fecal matter lebron. What a fkn joke.

  3. I feal this movie is soo bad I kinda half to see it if not for the tarible movie the big chungis meme.

  4. The ONLY thing I noticed was that LeBron is a TERRIBLE actor. I'd rather watch grass try to grow in a desert.

  5. Adults notice that LeBaldy will never come close to Michael and this trash film is an embarrassment to WB.

  6. I loved the new Space Jam. I had to shot my brain off during it and just enjoy it for what it was.

  7. Who is this guy Lebrone who plays in this movie ? Is he famous athlete ? I remember in first movie there was Michael Jordan – the best athlete in the world at that time ! Who is that “ no name “ in the second movie ?

  8. I think Foghorn Leghorn fertilized those Dragon Eggs!!!
    "Boom! I said BOOM, SON!!! What's the matter with you, Son? Are you Deef?"

  9. Tweety isn't in the Matrix scene. Slyvester coughs her up on the ship. She then asks what year is it ?

  10. I paused so many times because I tried to see all of the characters. I even saw the lady from Whatever happened to Baby Jane.

  11. I like to see the movie as good, but yeah it can't live up to the original and does have some problems. But it is still a little entertaining as a reboot rather than a sequel, but the CGI tunes I don't like compared to the realistic animation in the original.

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