21 thoughts on “Things Only Adults Notice In The Twilight Movies

  1. I don't remember if the books went into James' origin. But he'd have a tattoo if it was pre-transformation, right?

    Did I miss the part about inconsistent powers? Bella is immune to some, but not all. And in Eclipse, Alice was able to see Bella make the decision to visit Jacob, but I thought she couldn't see anything involving Jacob or was that only when he was physically close to Bella?

    Yayyyy, let's over think 50 Shades next 😎

  2. So, I’m 64 & re-watching them since they just came out on Netflix πŸ˜‚ What the fk is wrong with me? 😝

  3. What an adult notice right away is that it was going to be a f…. Pain in the a**, watching this movie and the rest of them.

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