25 thoughts on “Things Only True Fans Noticed In Nope

  1. No one has mentioned that the main character is literally named after one of the biggest social celeb spectacles of all time….

  2. Myself and a couple of my friends strongly believe the entity is not an alien/ufo, but an angel… A biblically accurate depiction of an angel. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I give the movie a 7.5, the ending its where it lost me. I wish it was a little bit more explained or something

  4. OJs dad also did die by getting hit by debris in the eye. Literally died by looking at the alien

  5. Ни хера не понял, но было очень интересно!)

  6. to be fair, once you see what the creature actually looks like I dont think it would be possible not to look up at it

  7. The movie was good but it wasn't as edge of your seat terrifying as "Get Out" and "Us" IMO. What was really scary however was the ape scene "even though it didn't seem to really connect with the storyline except for telling the backstory of one of the characters in the movie". It was terrifying though and gave me the biggest "jump scare" at the end of that scene. If there ever is a "Nope II" then expanding on the backstory of this ape and these characters is the move to make, again IMO.

  8. When the blood rained on the house, that took the movie to another level for me. It perfectly raised the stakes. It creeped me out! Love this movie.

  9. I thought the TMZ guy was going to be revealed to be Jupe at first. I’m glad that character was kept mysterious.

  10. I noticed the run from get out…i enjoyed this movie very much. This definitely isn't a movie to turn your brain off on. I thought of the mouth of the alien was like a camera. It was really creepy.

  11. Peele has a key animal in all of his horror films after the break out one. He relates these animals to the humans in the film. He also wears a pin on his jacket at award shows of the main animal in each film or as of late on a hoodie. I’m starting to think that this may be linked to the book Animal Farm. Jordan also is playing off of the planet Jupiters possible role or influence with “alien” interactions on earth.
    Any true Jordan Peele fan also realizes that he’s playing off the senses and what they communicate including sight and sounds. In Get out a camera flash and a grounding sound played a significant role and it ironically plays a role in this movie too. The camera flash and tapping of the spoon on the cup in get out and the balloons popping and cameras role and flash in this current film. The only big difference in this movie is that there’s more than one animal that has relevance a horse, a chimpanzee, a pig and for the lack of better explanation an alien with animal like behavior. You also notice the head of a serpent inside of that alien. There’s also a portion of the movie when the movie director ask “why not set them free” he was talking about the horses possibly humans who oppress other humans for self gain also. Each horse has a special name for a reason Ghost, Clover and Lucky. Emeralds name is synonymous with particular colors in the movie.
    Another thing is that the alien spits back at people the things that matter most to them and it does so forcefully and lethally the objects it spits back out at them are usually standing “straight up” like that shoe and Jupe possibly wanted to be in his co-stars shoes as a child.

  12. Just another M. Night Shyamalan.

    Less confusing than often simply boring and poorly put together. Got all the themes, it just does not play.

    Its getting poor audience scores, was under box office projections and will mostly go away like Us.

    More interesting to talk about than to see.

  13. I’ll tell you what detail I noticed. How about Jordan Peale saying ne would never even consider a white actor for a lead role? Imagine the chaos that would ensue if Steven Spielberg said the opposite? I used to like Peale too. But now he is just a racist scumbag.

  14. I knew it. The alien is an “angel”. Or biblically what angel
    Supposed to be. Not into this movie. They didn’t describe that “glen” was actually feeding these things. I just think they’re were

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