Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power's Main Teaser

27 thoughts on “Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power's Main Teaser

  1. Why would it be unlikely that the Durin Dwarves of Moria received their ring from the Elves? They were friends.

  2. Let's correct that, though. The hobbit ancestors, harfoots, did not exist in the second age, which is when Rings of Power is set. Thus, the show's existence of harfoots is literally just bullshit!

  3. It is a teaser, not a trailer.
    As such, we see things out of context, no defined timeline. Many fans are angry about those out-of-context details.
    I will hold judgement, wait to see the series unfold.
    But I understand the criticism, I don't like to see black elves, are they Drow?

  4. I love the part on the trailer when they said "It's ringed timeeee and ringed all of the orcs on middle earth"

  5. If this channel decides to do more of this content please please check your pronunciations. At least five names prominently said incorrectly.

    Also, “only true fans” is poor choice for many things that are or could be entirely speculative. Especially given some of the thoughts here are countered by actual written descriptions. Odd to assert things counter to written descriptions and decide that the speculation is for “true fans”.

  6. Did "Only True Fans" notice the introduction of ethnic minorities into the film to meet "diversity" enforcement (more like fascist authoritarianism). Affirmative action is fine as long as it improves the people involved AND does not penalize or discomfit the viewers & forcibly including ethnic, stigmatized, oppressed people is akin to glamorizing & indirectly endorsing the oppression / stigmatization & oppression of peoples. . This is not justice , it is compensation.

  7. True fans didn't watch this shit. 😕 it's a insult to fans who have spent years of their life on reading LOTR lore.

  8. This channel is the worst. Corporate simping in a robotic narrative voice. Absolutely infuriating

  9. Tell me Looper, what consitutes a "true" fan????…………………. Take you time, no rush.

  10. I noticed that this "show" has nothing in common with the Simmarillion … Or Tolkien world in general …

  11. First thing we noticed is how much it's going to SUUUUCK!!
    Second thing we noticed is how much it's going to REALLY, REALLY SUUUUCK!!

  12. I found the part where Sauron threw up his moms spaghetti then went clubbing totally inappropriate. I dont care that is is canon, they should have censored that scene

  13. The true fans noticed what a steaming pile of crap this show is. And how much of a shill site yall are.

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