19 thoughts on “Times Saving Private Ryan Got History All Wrong

  1. Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. All this time I thought "Saving Private Ryan" was a Hollywood movie and not a documentary. But what do I know.

  2. You mention the British also invaded on D-Day, but fail to mention the Canadians? Unbelievable.

  3. Pretty sure a bullet through the tanks viewport wasnt what caused the explosion. The plane strafing by dropped a bomb. Makes more sense as to why it blew up

  4. I always found it odd, that soldiers who had suffered through the murderous landings. were upset to be sent on a mission they had a chance to avoid a battle with the Germans. They were trying to bring a fellow soldier back alive. Better than being sent to check out some hedge rows for German soldiers!

  5. 1:03 – You folks at Looper truly are idiots. It wasn't Miller's handgun that destroyed the Tiger tank, it was the bombs from the P-51 Mustang aircraft which swooped over the heads, rescuing the combatants on the bridge.

  6. Hahaha yeah your so right. Tom Hanks shot a pistol through the site glass on a tiger tank and blew it up. It must have just been a "paper tiger" haha

    "Tank busters sir" -mat Damon
    "Yes I am" -Tom hanks

  7. Strange that you didn't mention the ridiculous scene where they attempt to throw mortars by hand. Fits under the first 'inaccurate weapons' chapter perfectly.

  8. Tom Hanks' character did NOT shot through the tank's view port to kill the driver. The plane destroyed the tank
    Tom Hanks might as well have been shooting spitballs at it
    GIs at Normandy, especially the first in like paratroopers and Rangers were ordered NOT to take prisoners, to just shoot them if you had too. They didn't need to be slowed down with prisoners while establishing a beachhead
    Only 14 Tiger 1 tanks were present in all of Normandy on D Day so the odds of seeing a Tiger in Normandy were slim but not impossible
    P-51s could carry either 2 250 pound bombs, 1 500 pound bombs or up to 8 rockets, four under each wing. Also, a common practice of American fighters was to hit the top of the turret of tanks with their .50 caliber machine guns, the thinnest part of any tank
    Hanks' unit couldn't communicate with the P 51s so how were the pilots supposed to know exactly where friendlies were unless they could physically see them
    Mythbusters showed that a bullet traveling at supersonic speeds, like most modern weapons do, lose all momentum at about 3 feet of water. Also, the bigger the bullet, the less penetrating power, a .50 caliber bullet for instance, breaks apart in a swimming pool while smaller bullets can stay intact but in under 3 feet of water, most bullets can still be lethal
    Strangely enough, low powered subsonic black powder bullets are much more effective underwater as are bullets from modern bullets fired from underwater BUT they can't cycle another round into the chamber because they need the gas from the last bullet to reload the next one
    Revolvers don't have this problem, only automatics

  9. They didn’t get anything wrong. It’s a movie. It was made the way it was on purpose. Some things are engulfed and exaggerated. Doesn’t mean they got it wrong. Clowns

  10. I'm 1 minute in and my god. Whoever wrote the scrip knows nothing about WW2 and the film.

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