49 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Awkward Moments || JukinVideo Top Five

  1. I got one awkward moment, my friend there are having a make out/sex besides me so pretty much awkward beside watching them doing it

  2. I fell out of the sky once and landed in the classroom… that was super awkward and I got kicked out of the class forever. Shame… the teacher was hot…

    The story actually makes more sense in longer version but the shorter version is mysterious and suave and fancy shyt like that. Like spelling shit with a y. Fancy.

  3. 3:36 I hate these peoples who take selfies, What is wrong whith her ? Why she have to take a selfie and post if on facebook or twitter, this so useless, just to say, " Oh, i'm so beautifull ! look at how many likes I have !! " Just, shut up.

  4. I woke up once I went downstairs and I didn't know I had morning wood then I stretched and my dick started popping out of my basketball short in front of my sister

  5. my awkward moment when every body was listening to the teacher and I farted I don't know where😂😂😂😂

  6. 2:30 lmaoooo first off it wasn't even the fact of the period being the matter of embarrassment it was more so the way he was speaking on the scenario that made it odd af! Lol the way he sounded hahahaha KUnta KENtAyy

  7. My cousin had a crush on me and at a wedding she was grinding on me……. let's just say family gatherings are uncomfortable now

  8. I farted in a RadioShack it stunk very bad and I turn around and Whisper to my mom and tell her come on let's get out of here I just farted and then I noticed it wasn't her it was just some random lady with the same hair color I was about 11 when this happened

    Guys I have to tell you a story of my lifetime. So, I have a boyfriend, We were at his home in his room, we'were messing around till the moment when I was up (u know) and his little cat knocked the door, my boyfriend's mum open the door and let the kitten go inside the room where we were having 'stuff'. Then the kitten just stand half its body inside and out side the room. My bf and I paralyzed from fright of his mum seeing us together in this situation. It ended up with the cat inside and his mum didn't see us. So close XDDDD

  10. my most awkward moment is when i was stood up to do a show on my school and they asked a simple maths question "What is 5+2?" then i said 9….

  11. Sending a message to my friend that was supposed to go to my ex- that was about said friend and the message was kinda calling her out about something…

    ALWAYS look at who you're texting!!

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