48 thoughts on “Tourist Attractions | Scooter Smash in Thailand

  1. I live in Thailand, cars generally pull out without looking…they don't do practical driving tests here!

  2. I was riding along that same road on a scooter no more than 2 weeks ago. And after travelling around thailand in hire cars and scooters for a few weeks, and comparing Thailand's roads and users to more developed countries. It basically do what ever the fuck you want. The only thing that the locals abide by is probably the traffic lights, and tourists just do what everyone else is doing.

  3. водитель мопеда по ходу тормоз, можно было спокойно свернуть и все.

  4. Been to Thailand a lot. On three of my trips i have seen fatal Scooter crashes. I should say the result after a crash. Not pritty. Lucky guy. Drivers over there are not the best shall we say. Glad the guy on the bike is ok.

  5. i think you should stop, slow down or give up that car, let that car pass….this is experience to ride a bike in Asia lol

  6. It was pretty obvious that nothing major happened to the guy on the bike after he got up immediately and pushed his bike of the road, I'm also pretty sure that the guy did get out of his car. He might have been thinking about doing a runner for a second, which happens quite a lot in Thailand, but then realized the guy had a camera on his helmet. 😉

  7. Thailand is great! It's not on the same standard as the western world, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far in my opinion. I've been living here since 2003.

  8. I'm living in Thailand for my whole life, These bad driver start to show up since 4 years ago, and 2 years ago the government give citizens a chance to buy a car with a hundred thousand discount but pay it later monthly, as you can see the car with red plate almost every where and yeah most of them are rookies college students around my age. And for my I would honk for the guys that wait for about 6 second on the green light before start to drive.

  9. Oh thanks man , now i have a better view of about the situation that would be in the roads of Thailand , thanks a lot man , appreciated it!

  10. That's what happens when you drive too fast watch how the locals go…..slow and steady far they know better far too many people die on scooters out in LOS

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