48 thoughts on “Trump Releases Confusing New Video That Turns Him Into Thanos

  1. Actually, fat ass Donnie's campaign team should have used Goofy as the hero figure. This make much better sense since trump is about as dumb about most things as is Goofy. Only difference between them is that Goofy is loveable and makes you laugh in a good way.

  2. Hahaha ..bunch of right wing idiots…didn't they watch the movie and at the end of endgame iron man destroy thanos…so nancy pelosi is iron man and she will desimate trump..fucking morrons

  3. He's saying he's going to win an that there going down. And…. That he will be president for a second term. Bi partisan me says they won't impeach him. They won't get do it together and the way society is going now. White supremacists and white nationalist will spark a race war. And there will be blood won't just be a title for a movie. This country should be ashamed of itself. We're going backwards fast. Ban all kkk and supremist. It should be illegal.

  4. Looper makers, it's called satire. Understand? S-A-T-I-R-E. Goddamn liberals are braindead when it comes to ironic humor, Jeezus.

  5. Thanos Is a beloved character of Marvel who sells tons of merchandise, he has fans and memes. When trump uses a meme of thanos the media gets all philosophical, idk the hypocrisy is a little too much at times.

  6. I like a good joke but it's sad set Tire like this that makes younger Generations just believe all the bull crap that the media puts out forget that we have record low unemployment more people with back to work more than ever before.

  7. For those saying It’s just a meme:

    If a high school student put their face on Thanos and dusted classmates, would you say it’s just a meme or would you want someone to talk with the student and make sure this shared meme doesn’t lead to a mass shooting?

    If you don’t want someone to talk with the student, that’s a bad decision.

    This Trump ad promotes killing people you don’t like.

    It’s not a made-up character killing made-up characters. It’s a human face, our nation’s President, pretending to kill people he doesn’t like.

    That’s more an approval of violence than merely a meme.

    The President’s campaign team sharing this video gives permission for anyone to do the same – without question nor concern; to simply say snowflake toward any concern expressed.

    Promoting that rational is detrimental if not dangerous to society.

  8. I figured he was making himself look like a Kraken….

    First, we get an image of him as Rocky Balboa, now this?!! Seriously, WTF, Tyrant?!!

    And the Tyrant Worshipers will say this ISN'T photoshopped like they did with Rocky….

  9. "In other news, Trump tweeted a picture of himself as the dancing Joker, which is confusing because Joker is a murderer who hates the rich."

  10. OMG!

    How can you be a YouTube channel and not get MEMES?

    Listening to the Thanos is a villain blaa blaa was eye rolling.

    It sounded like the kid back in grade school that never fitted in.

    OH! Even better, it came across like a scene from The Big Bang, when Sheldon doesn't get it. ?

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