39 thoughts on “UPDATE! YouTube Is Deleting News Bloopers And NewsBeFunny

  1. Let's keep it LIVE! Sorry, ALIVE!! AMAZINF job all these years, I'm a old fan who gonna try everything to keep it! Loveeeee

  2. Maaaan YouTube absolutely sucks now! I’ve been on since 2006 and seen the format completely sell it’s own original creators out since 2016 after the pewdiepie fake Nazi salute controversy. YT used large corporate ad pressure to create conformity to all its users as well as updated algorithms to refocus traffic so a channel can effectively disappear without being noticed.

    I hate what’s happening to these two channels.

  3. Damn it, YouTube why? What's the problem? Everyone, we HAVE to save this channel. Come on y'all let's make it happen!!!!

  4. I think all you have to do is add some commentary and it will become a reaction video which is covered under fair use.

  5. No sense at all ! With all that hate and drama going on in the world today , youtube chooses to delete funny news . Fingers crossed for you guys !

  6. The Purge is real, and it is happening.
    Today it's news bloopers, what will it be tomorrow.
    If they can go after something as innocent and funny as news bloopers, where will they stop.

  7. Dang YouTube, what News be funny ever done to y'all? This is an abomination! Yeah I'm in it to keep this channel alive

  8. I have seen like a hundred channels deleted by YT. There is no salvation. Those who want to stay make a different channel and start again.

  9. News bloopers has been my main source of comedy and helped me get through a lot, including the quarantine. And it showed me that reporters are just as human as we are.

  10. I love this channel and it’s making me cry to not see these funny clips!!!!! 😒😒😒😒😒😒

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